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You can get paid for working on free / open software, but some people enjoy programming in their spare time too. many companies use / benefit and contribute to open source. eg have open source at their heart -
We have a one-button deploy system for, and we push code to the site 60-80 times a day. is synced with the trunk pretty much every weekday. We’re strong believers in Open Source, and we try to open source everything we can. The company was structured to align the economic incentives as such.
Just because there are some poor Android apps doesn't mean proprietary code is better. I'm not a fan of Apple censorship and prefer to have the choice (sure there are some nasty/badly made apps, but there are ones that Apple just didn't like because they don't like competition - such as banning a magazine about Android). I've also not had a problem finding usable apps as you have.

Here's a report regarding code quality between open source / proprietary software

Open source code quality surpasses proprietary code quality in C/C++ projects. Defect density (defects per 1,000 lines of software code) is a commonly used measurement for software quality, and a defect density of 1.0 is considered the accepted industry standard for good quality software. Coverity’s analysis found an average defect density of .59 for open source C/C++ projects that leverage the Scan service, compared to an average defect density of .72 for proprietary C/C++ code developed for enterprise projects. In 2013, code quality of open source projects using the Scan service surpassed that of proprietary projects at all code base sizes, which further highlights the open source community’s strong commitment to development testing.

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