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There is another problem with open source.

When music became something that everyone could create for minimal or no cost and nobody could make money from, the quality of it plummeted. Under the "dinosaur" model where artists were signed and got released, pragmatically all the crap was essentially filtered. Sure there were great underground artists, but by in large most of the "bigger" artists remained untouched.

With the influx of open source becoming such that you are demonized for not participating, the liklihood of future software quality going down is immeasurably increased. Just look at Android apps vs Apple iPhone apps. Android is a platform where anyone can throw on whatever crap they make for minimal costs. And the result is a Play store that is so chock full of crap, you need to go through 10-15 or so apps before you find one that's usable. My time with the iPhone was wholly different. Moderated, requires a financial stake from the developer, the apps quality is just far far higher.

Personally, though I have participated in open source, usually those projects are mainly for interest only rather than being a commercially applied piece of software. The last thing I would do is dedicate myself as a developer full time to a free and open source project. Exactly how is my mortgage meant to get paid? Love? Fairies?
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