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Originally Posted by SKOLMAN_MWS View Post
Quake 2 on Falcon DSP

Atari Falcon - The power and might of the DSP
A DSP (or custom blitter) was the affordable way to do a lot of simple data processing back in the day. Now we have SIMD units, GPU multi-processing and multiple core processors which are more flexible and easier for a compiler to use. The Falcon demo probably requires hand coded DSP assembler code. It only gives low resolution ~10fps (slow and ugly). I can do 2 to 3 times the Quake 1 or Quake 2 fps with double the resolution on my 68060 Amiga with Voodoo gfx card and older OpenGL games can be relatively easily compiled for it (FPU required though). Do we want to see what the Amiga 3000+ with DSP and no software would have been like or would we rather have a fast 68k with fast 2D/3D via GPU or FPGA?

I don't really understand this motherboard. Amiga I/O and display ports are outdated so we remove them but don't replace them with modern ports? Upgrades with the old custom chips are difficult so we keep them and ignore FPGA technology which is easy to upgrade? I'm happy to see new products but how about an upgrade and a complete product without a bunch of add-on hardware hanging off of it for once? I'm sorry my statements sound so negative as that was not my intention.

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