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Originally Posted by tom256 View Post
Adding DSP as option(socket) like AT&T DSP3210 or MC56002 would be nice. Maybe in future some soft will make use of it.
If the 68k Amiga had a future, it would add an SIMD unit which is better than a DSP in most ways. There would also be advantages to replacing the blitter with an SIMD unit but this would require a new graphics.library (hopefully with AmigaOS classic development). It makes a lot of sense to go FPGA for the Amiga custom chips (with enhancements) where much more is possible. Jens has interestingly ignored FPGA 68k CPUs needed for a best compatibility CloneA, probably because he favors a different RISC CPU replacement (yuck!).

Originally Posted by tom256 View Post
Also build in USB with driver in ROM in year 2015 is not so crazy :]
This would make the Amiga much more usable today .
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