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Originally Posted by Korodny View Post
It's a win for you and the guy buying your source of course - assuming the buyer weighed the costs of buying the source vs. writing the routines himself properly.

It's has absolutely nothing to do with "open source" or free software though.
Given that the point of "open source" is to get your mitts on the source code, it has everything to do with it. It's just called "Open Source" in order to try and make it a moral issue - what people really want is to not have to write that code themselves. And it solves the issue that people who traditionally close their source code complain of most; they'll get paid for it.

As for free software, I'll agree there. However, given how militant and non-free the FSF are in their RYF rules, I'll stick with proprietary software - there's more freedom in it.

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