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Originally posted by poppe
got it up and running now.. but im experiencing a quite bad display quality. Kind of dark with vertical stripes... anyone had the same experiance with a scandoubler?
The vertical stripes are caused by the way the scandoubler works. It doubles the number of vertical lines by duplicating them. The duplicates are not quite the same colour as the originals. There's no real way around this. You'll also notice that flickerfixed screens "shimmer" on alternate lines when they are animated - this is due to the way the flickerfixer buffers the two interlaced fields.

As for Antiriad's transparent box - does it have a switch on the back? If so, it is the dodgy model. This is a DCE-manufactured scandoubler. To give you an idea of the build quality, its case is that from a recycled GVP DSS8+ parallel-port sound sampler. I had two of these scandoublers. Both overheated after an hour, causing the display to go crazy - pixels developed negatively coloured fringes and started to flash random colours, blocks of colour were too dark or the wrong colour completely (army green used to appear dark blue, if I remember correctly) and the vertical scandouble effect became even more pronounced.
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