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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
How about the option to buy the source? I'd do that for some of my code - sell it for a fee. You can then use it however you like, but there would be restrictions - you can't give it to anyone else or sell it to anyone else. You can use it to augment your own code, or create something new based on it.

I think that one's a win all round!
That's definitely not a win all around. That's a situation where the source can go no further than the NEXT developer who may lose interest in the project.

Dunny, look at a popular project on GitHub, click "forks". Do you see what is happening there? This is literally about these projects being "freed", so that whomever wishes to work on them, may do so.

Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Luckily, Jim belongs to a dwindeling group of "developers" whos legacy is nothing and that will be forgotten, whereas what survives and pushes technology further, for most part is open source.
Harsh words, but amen.
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