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got switchblade to work by putting Benn Daglish in the amigaplayers folder.

UPDATE: Looks like its all solved now, using v203 with a key and all seems to be working. Though by default install playback is outputting to right speaker only. Yet after a MOD to WAV convert, playing the wav its in both speakers.

UPDATE Looks like running deliplayer v203 in Vista 32bit requires you to launch in XP Compatilibity mode. Now both LEFT/RIGHT Speakers are playing fine. And output to WAV works a treat.

Amegas Mod - Simply awesome soooo many to list.

Thanks to all who helped and the member who told me you can convert to ogg/mp3 from unexotica site.

I hope this info helps others who are trying to use deliplayer as well. I consider this thread SOLVED now.

Huge thanks to niobyte You the man!!!

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