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Originally Posted by edd_jedi View Post
Sorry, how exactly is it "Amiga compatible" if it requires an emulator (UAE or other) to run AMIGA games? Sounds like you guys are trying to convince yourselves it's not a complete waste of time, apart from as I mentioned the fraction of people that use the small pool of software that will run natively on it.
I already told you, but you don't want to understand. Amiga was much more than just the OCS/AGA games (and some of them do work too. And how games compatibility would be the correct measurement, heck, even A600 or later models don't run many A500 games, not to talk with different addons...). Amiga apps scene was huge and it wasn't only a fraction of people who did use their Amigas to other than gaming. Later you went with Amiga more it came about productivity instead of games, but if you jumped off after floppy based A500 setups feel free to live in your imaginary world, but don't come to tell us how we should live. And please stop speading false facts of the thing you aren't familiar with.

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