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Originally Posted by mjnurney View Post
New Amiga mainboards
Announcement from Jens.

he announced yesterday that he has bought all of the remaining stocks of csg and mos Amiga chipsets from chip suppliers.

he will build new Amiga motherboards for the Amiga 500 & 1200.
he hopes to have something to show in 6 months. I have videoed his announcement and I'll upload it when I get home.

also a new aca500 with 8mb ram which I think he said runs at 40+ MHz asynchronously

and a budget a1200 accelerator in two versions with speed upgrades available to purchase after sale.


My Amiga 30 film , quickly done ...hey I'm tired but here are the bits i caught, jens is on here

its still uploading so it could be a while....

[ Show youtube player ]
Is there a website where Jens mentions this? Anyone know Jens website?
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