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Originally Posted by edd_jedi View Post
Unless you're into Amiga only PPC compatible productivity software, there's really no point. It uses UAE to run 68k software and games, so it's no different from running an emulator on a modern Mac or PC!
No, UAE is only needed with hardware hitting programs (mostly games and demos). It is VERY different to Mac or "PC".

MorphOS has OS3.x compatible API and build-in 68k emulator (only CPU is emulated). When you run 68k software they use MorphOS native API, libraries, devices etc. 68k programs use directly MorphOS graphics drivers etc and you can even use 68k shell commands and system components like libraries, datatypes, device drivers, filesystems, and all kinds of other binaries as they are in MorphOS. No separate emulator is needed and you don't notice any difference between 68k and native software. 68k software doesn't run in any kind of sandbox, they share everything with native programs. You can use ARexx ports and everything between them (unlike if you'd run software in UAE).

It's the whole point of MorphOS that it's Amiga compatible system... but seems that some just imagine something else always... and spread that "knowledge" :/

MorphOS also contains updated Amiga software, which you can't even run in UAE. For example newer or native versions of CGX, MUI, Turboprint, AHI, Poseidon, and many other system components and utilities. If you want to see how they've progressed, you can see it with MorphOS. Whole MorphOS is based on the familiar software from 68k Amiga times and their legacy. You just can't say "it's no different to running UAE" ...

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