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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
There will be a technical reason he hasn't done it. Not for fun to annoy users. Probably a technical reason he can overcome this time with a new design.
he said the aca500 had 2mb ram because of a "technical reason", and after all the complaints low and behold,, wait we now can do aca500 8mb ram

I say put an 020 on ....why?? because a LOT of users only use 030 etc because they HAVE to, and price of an 8mb ram board vs cheap 030 isnt that far apart most go 030,,

If I had a choice on my 1200 just to add 8mb simm over 030 card I would go 8mb as I only want to use WHDLOAD. why have 50mhz 030 to play turrican ?

if you think i'm cynical then ask why the ACA500 was purposely crippled (proven with his "NEW" larger ram version) an expansion slot (that convenient) to add aca12xx cards.

also note this new reloaded amiga will fully support ACA12xx cards, it might support some blizzards but not his own apollo cards thats not 100% compatible when 99% of 1200 out there just work out of the box.

oh and seriously how much would it cost to add RGB ouput as standard ?? more salesman spiel to sell indiavision pfft!!
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