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524288 ... teh image that comes with relokick is severly hacked. If you try to run Workbench it will crash because I suppose they seemed fit to remove some (a lot?) of the the Intuition functions.
You should nab any 1.3 image you get from the net and use that instead. Unless you don't need workbench. Or unles you don't have enough memory. And this last one is your case.

DO NOT use the 512k image, since you don't have enough memory. Use the hacked horrible image instead. Even with its smaller size, some games like Lotus Turbo Challenge will have glitches because of the lack of memory. I don't have a clue why the emulator is screwing up, but it sure is the emulator's fault. It will work fine on your 600

When I upgraded my 60 to 2MB Chip, all softkicked programs worked just fine. i can even softkick onto 3.1 for using MusicLine Editor and AHX
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