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Hehe. I was the one that made all that long ago. I had 13/14 games working instead of the 3 ones wikipedia has. All of the games I've got already have mt32 as sound driver. In many I just copied the mt32 from another games (after editing the config) and in a couple I renamed something to pat9 or something. Can you please send me your game to try?

Edit: Not necessary. I've reinstalled it from floppy and now works. As I say I believe it saves something else in another place.

Edit2: Confirmed: I've copied the working SQIV, and just changed the booting Hard drive (with the same configuration) and now it hangs the same loading. It seems that the Sierra games save something else or something is changed when you copy them to another HD.

Could you try that too? Copy the game to some PC partition and try to run it booting from another HD.

Edit 3: It had to be some setting in my PC, SORRY. I believe it could be Razor Game Booster that I use to launch WinUAE in this -slow- PC, as now I can load the games I had stored from Sierra. I don't think I've changed anything else. In any case it has been very very rare.

Now indeed all of my Sierra games are working with whatever hd. What's more, they work (they have the config to use mt32.drv) just the same if you enable on WinUAE the MT32-Synth Emulator or if you don't select anything there.

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