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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I don't want to go too OT here, but I am really looking forward to No Man's Sky, because it feels like the spiritual successor to Frontier that Elite: Dangerous maybe isn't completely.
It feels exactly like what was described above, this uncertainty feeling, and the procedural universe... I dunno, sounds cool, but I'll have to play it and see first.
I completely agree. I'm looking forward to this one as well. I was one of the Kickstarter backers for Elite: Dangerous and I REALLY wish I hadn't backed it now. I spent fooking £150 on a premium boxed edition (which was really nothing special) and I just can't get into the game at all. It feels absolutely nothing like Frontier, although I suppose it is based more on the original than on Frontier but still. I think I played it twice and haven't touched it since. It seems to be totally lacking in everything that made Frontier great. Its like a game with no soul. It feels hollow and without any of the atmosphere that made Frontier a fun universe to explore. No Man's Sky looks genuinely interesting though - especially the unique alien life forms.
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