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Originally Posted by sardine View Post
agreed!! crippled and designed to sell more products on top.

cpu should be built in, the same 14mhz 020 will do but with a simm socket for easy addition of fast ram for most users who just want a simple 1200 with good compatibility and whdload (but that would kill aca sales though)
Adding an 020 similar to the original A1200 will add quite a bit to the price of the board, and that would mean extra cost even for the majority who probably want an 030 instead and would never even use the 020, as is the current most popular option for WHDLoad machines.

optional extras
USB, Network, RTG, ACA1260 (if possible) for those who find the 020 with fast ram not enough.
And this is the point. See how you consider USB and networking to be optional? Some people consider them essential and want them included on every motherboard, regardless of who will use them. If including USB added, say, €50 to the cost price of the board, would you be happy to pay €50 extra even if you were never going to use the USB ports? Same for networking. Who's right? Nobody, because everyone wants different things. So going with the common requirements and making everything else modular makes a lot of sense for everyone.

It's pretty cynical to think it's purely a marketing thing. If the new motherboards included all these modules as standard they'll cost a great deal more in order to cover the cost of the extra parts, development and testing, and that extra cost would cover the cost of a lost sale of a separate module so it's hardly that big a deal for Jens - he'd get the sale money either way. The problem would be fewer sales when a motherboard costs €350 or something, especially when so many things are included that not everyone wants.
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