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Yep, I'm comparing it to the 1993 floppy version. I have the original so no cracks are involved - I just look up the protection code when I get asked. It's the original exe, though it has been patched to add an exit to the OS function, but otherwise works perfectly smoothly as the original exe does.

I don't get any crashes or anything like that, though I haven't played the CD32 version very long because of the speed issue. I might give it another go to see if disabling caches helps, but I doubt it. As for the protection, I don't think the CD32 version would've needed copy protection - copying CDs in 1994 was a lot trickier than copying floppies

It just seems strange that the CD32 version is so slow - I guess there must be some sort of trap or interrupt happening that isn't happening in the old version...

Edit: And to reply to your new post: Yep, it adds a nice feel to the game. Funnily enough though, the docking computer still crashes into the station sometimes in Elite: Dangerous. It gets a huge volume of complaints from players, but I just chuckle, remember that it's just being authentic to the old game, and dock manually
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