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If that logic applies in general, then there are a lot of high piracy countries, because many of the world nations are missing from that list.

Regarding some of the "bugs", when they are related to the calculated procedural nature of Frontier, it kind of makes it feel real in a fascinating way.

For example, the autopilot miscalculating gravity close to a rotating docking station, and you just blow up while ramming the hull into the station, is that really a bug? Or is it just hard to predict all the factors in reality also?

Another example is when landing in planet hangar, if you upset the local port police they go crazy and hit the ground in desperate attempts to hit you with their laser weapons (this happened to me in "New San Francisco"), and the more of the police ships that crash into the ground trying to shoot you, the more desperate they get, even looks like they are firing at each other in the inferno, all while you can relax and watch the ordeal safely from your position in the hangar (using rear view). Several minutes later, it quiets down after like 50-100 police space ships have crashed into the ground, you can then pay the fine of 1000 credits and be on your way. Bug or not, it is plausible, in real life situation, that the authorities get so upset their navigation skills are lacking due to the pressure to eliminate me in the light of all their fallen comrades who died trying.

This is what I like about frontier, in a modern game these charming oddities would probably be "fixed", or never occur in the first place because the game is running "on rails" more or less.

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