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Yep I know, but today this amiga is driving me nuts. I think the earth cable of the indi has got lose, so I tried ScummVM also with the ACA 31/42 -another miggy- and it was a bit slow.

Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis is the game I want to play with speech. I've got it and I could play it with the PC, but I like to use the Roland, it sounds much much better.

I remember when I bought the Roland MT32 for 40 bucks and people were asking.... Only three games to play?... LOL (LOL now, not then )

Edit: Well, the conversation was exactly this:

Originally Posted by Foul View Post

Only 3 games working with it ... seems poor :\
Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
I've installed two: Larry 5 and King's Quest V. Space quest IV doesn't seem to have midi support (extrange, as I've seen it in Youtube). At least the Roland only costed 40€.

EDIT: I forgot to say that someday Novacoder will make ScummVm run with Midi...
So... it has only been 4 years to have it

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