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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
I'll leave others to vote on choosing between mono and 100% separated stereo by way of plugging and unplugging cables as the best option, and sort of keep sticking up for my suggestion of a headphone output that is usable.
back when i was recording my Amiga music (and Turrican music obviously) onto cassette tapes my dad made me a box with a switch on it.

It is really very simple to convert Amiga sound output to mono, and reduce the volume as well just with a variable resistor (as Akira suggests is necessary for headphones). You don't need expensive or bulky amps that require a power supply.

i appreciate that you would like to get mono out from the Amiga without any external device or modification but i also appreciate that Jens probably won't want to do any such thing, but it is really not a difficult problem to work around and imho not worth complaining about.
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