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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
I know this is an old thread, but I tried this updated version not so long ago and also found it to be very slow compared to the original version on my 060. Played it from the hard drive, with the detail turned up to the top the original runs lovely and smoothly whereas this version crawls when there are any more than a few polygons involved. I take it this has never been fixed since, which is a shame...
If by "original" you mean the OCS release (not CD32) from 1993, then there is a problem with the cracks as well.

I tried three different cracks (FLT, ACS, CSL) those available in TOSEC, and if you play long enough and rack up a lot of credits then you will reach "Hi! I'm PoliceOfficer..." manual protection screen after docking and pressing F4, some cracks tell you what key to press, but it fails anyway, because the suggested manual pages are out of bounds. Even the WHDLoad slave fails in the same way for the OCS versions of Frontier Elite II.

My save is from the CD32 version of the game, I don't know if that is triggering the manual protection in earlier OCS versions, but the game accepts the save and seems OK (besides the crack failing).

The latest CD32 releases seem to have working crack (or if the game is unprotected?), but then there are other issues and game bugs instead, mentioned previously in this forum thread. The CD32 release is intended for 68020 CPU, so perhaps some optimization there fails on 060, not sure.

TIP: If you occasionally get 8000000x gurus while playing on real Amiga with accelerator, then make sure you start Frontier with CPU caches off, and 100k stack at least.

In Amiga shell type these commands to launch Frontier.

stack 128000
cpu nocache

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