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030 version is now on AmiNet

I don't have a real 030 any more so I don't know how usable it will be.

Also, I had to enable music for CAMD but an 030 will die in the ass if you enable MIDI emulation (DosBox/MAME OPL)
So the best option for MIDI music with the 030 build would either be CAMD (if you have an external MIDI device) or the 'no music' option
Most of the newer games don't actually use MIDI music so MIDI emulation is not used with these games.

Originally Posted by Amicol View Post
This is too cool!! Thanks again for this mate!!!

Update (pt2):
Been playing MI2 talkie and works great with MT32
However MT32 doesn't work with SMI talkie, even the official ScummVM PC port doesn't, it needs a fan patch (so can't complain). I'll stick to PC for this game.

I have found that some GM Midi games have some parts of the music missing (most notably 'Discworld'). Is this maybe a problem with my setup, or a bug? I use an SC55 for GM...
Nice to hear you are enjoying it

About the missing MIDI music in Discworld...have you tried it with MIDI emulation instead to see if it does the same thing? Unfortunately I haven't got the time to debug it so I have no idea what could be causing that issue

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