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Originally Posted by Sandro View Post
1 : no cpu in the motherboard: > this is marketing to saving components and to sell aca cards

2 : 3.5mm jack instead 2 rca > the mobo supposedly fits on the A1200 case? I do not understand

3 : no pcmia ?

4 : no scandoubler built in: marketing to sell the indivision

5 : no external floppy conector ?? again to save components

6: no USB built in, marketing to sell the rapid road

*** sincerely I don't know in which level this mobo will be better than my original A1200 motherboard: is fact I see this totally inferior
agreed!! crippled and designed to sell more products on top.

cpu should be built in, the same 14mhz 020 will do but with a simm socket for easy addition of fast ram for most users who just want a simple 1200 with good compatibility and whdload (but that would kill aca sales though)

flicker fixer / scandoubler built in

IDE header

optional extras
USB, Network, RTG, ACA1260 (if possible) for those who find the 020 with fast ram not enough.
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