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My (late) introduction

I joined EAB half a year ago so time to tell something about me. My story isn't much different from others. Saw an Amiga at a friends house and just had to have one. Luckely I had already saved some money with delivering newspapers so I could buy my own A500 with a 1084S monitor. My first big purchase and best ever!

I managed to collect 4 floppy boxes (300+ disks) full of games, software, some demos and cover disks. And yes most of it was cracked stuff, I'm not gonna lie. So I had a blast with this machine for years but all came to an end so my Amiga went into the closet. In the past 20 years I occasionally took it out, like every 3-5 years, and I would play my fav games, leave it for a couple of months and then box it again.

So me and my Amiga 500 have lived in a cocoon all this time. Until 2013 when I managed to build a null modem cable and a new world opened up to me! I discovered alot of games I missed back then. Started reading forums and background stories about Commodore. And by making some Backbone games I also learned alot of technical stuff, learned how to properly use WinUAE and discovered the pd scene. Late 2014 I purchased an A1200 and learned things like how to install Workbench with WHDLoad and generally got to know more about WB. So I was quite proud to achieve all this but reading all the technical stuff here on EAB makes me feel like a noob again. I still have a long way to go. Learning the Amiga is endless!
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