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SCSI changing

Hi, I tried asking this in another section as its my real Amiga I need the answer for but as its the same on winuae I hope you winuae peeps may know the answer.

Simply, using a hdf from my cf card if I boot the file using the winuae uae controller I get all my drives including dh1: upwards. But boot from the winuae ide controller I can only see dh0: in workbench, although the drive partitions can be seen in early boot, check4gb and hdtools.

The only thing I can pin down what is happening is that the scsi.device on the hdf and cf card magically changes from the one in devs. Under uae controller it shows v43.45 in version but under the ide controller the same scsi.device shows v37.64.

I'm using wb3.1 ks 3.0 drives partitioned with sfs on a 32gb card/hdf which was working until I changed something?

Any ideas?
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