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Hiya Nova,

Just got round to trying this version. It doesn't seem to work on my system (I.e. a1200 Apollo 1260).
It runs initially, but crashes when I click 'add game'. Your previous AGA 060 port works fine.
I haven't changed any of the options, everything is default.

Can you think of anything I can try to get it to run?

Thanks for staying with us and giving us this

I added
browser_lastpath=(path to my games)
In the ScummVM.ini and it works!

This is too cool!! Thanks again for this mate!!!

Update (pt2):
Been playing MI2 talkie and works great with MT32
However MT32 doesn't work with SMI talkie, even the official ScummVM PC port doesn't, it needs a fan patch (so can't complain). I'll stick to PC for this game.

I have found that some GM Midi games have some parts of the music missing (most notably 'Discworld'). Is this maybe a problem with my setup, or a bug? I use an SC55 for GM...

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