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Yeah but where will you put the sound volume knob and stuff? That is what I am getting at here. It sounds too much for the motherboard.
If there was a way to add a headphone amp with volume control that doesn't need case modifications, I'm all in for it! A headphone amp WITHOUT volume control is USELESS because it will be TOO LOUD and ruin your hearing.

I actually bought a FIOS headphone amp and it worked well but I didn't do a proper volume circuit. I have used it at Datastorm a couple of years ago.

If you wanna make music at home after 10PM and want to use headphones, as said before, get a small sound mixer. Something cheap but good from Mackie like the MIX8 or MIX5 will sort you out. Connect the Amiga outputs each to a mono channel, and pan (or not) as you please, and use headphones. That's what us musicians have, an outboard mixer, and it doens't cost an arm and a leg to get.

As I said, IF there was a way to include headphone amplification with volume control in the motherboard in a way that doesn't affect the case design, I'm game.
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