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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I get what you want to do, you want to have a HEAPHONE plug and that's a different thing. You need a line amp plus a volume control knob, because otherwise it would always be set at TOO DAMN LOUD and damage your ears.

Yes, it'd be perfect to have at demoparties. But only if it's a headphone amp with volume control. If you have gone as far as adding an amp and volume control, you can have a knob that controls how much stereo separation you want.

Connecting your headphones to line output isn't a good idea.
Not only for demoparties, but to make music after 10PM at home as well.

And yes, headphone amps is the external equipment that is a drag to get. They are sold in no stores anywhere and I don't understand it. They should have made it into consumerland long ago, at least I've seen them requested often enough

Oh, there are lots of them, none of them simply "sound too weak. amplify. sound extremely much more separated than in my stereo. mix.", and in all kinds of states of confusion.

They're usually battery-operated and in some big clump form factor you have bring with you, and I don't even think there's an option for reducing the stereo separation in 99.9% of them.

Extremely few will require 4-channel output, and if they do they will prefer an external line-in mixer with lots of possibilities.

Lots of equipment have the standard L and R white and red RCA outputs. Unlike the other equipment, the audio doesn't come pre-mixed but is harshly separated 100%. With a chip and few resistors, this could be fixed more cheaply and solve the original hardware design problem.

It would instantly make all games and demos sound better, without everyone rushing out to get the extra equipment to do it.

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