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Originally Posted by Staringlizard View Post

I am done with my latest project

Be aware that this board has some state of the art, expensive as hell, parts.
Lets see what the interest is in this gadget and go from there.
Nice but:
- wrong assumption about pixel clock and horizontal resolution (not 720 pixels, no 13.5MHz clock)
- real 576i is only when LACE bit is active

As such for best results probably 1280x720p mode must be used as output mode with smaller video embedded inside.
Alternatively 1080p mode with pixel doubling can be (so efficiently 960x540p - Amiga window centered/cropped).
For 1080 pixel doubler maybe one of "pixel art resizers" can be implemented in FPGA .
For correct phase acquisition external system clock source is recommended.

btw there is no such thing as 288p mode in Amiga - it can be 312p or 313p mode
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