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Dont forget to BOOOST! this thread


Yo! Holly here!

Well we're down to 7 days! And progress is looking OK - better than last time! And last time we were only 5% short and the final 48 hours were MENTAL!

So this time we want to make sure that we don't leave it too late to get nearer to the goal! Lots of people upped their pledges right toward the end but we literally just ran out of time. I'm guessing another hour would have seen us across the line! So my plea is that if you're thinking of upping your pledge, please do so before right at the end! People are more likely to back something that already looks like it's on a trajectory to fund - so if you're willing to go any higher - now's the time to do so!

The Abbey Road rewards are all gone sadly, but there are still Mix Consultant jobs going to come enjoy mix day in the studio and fish and chips on the seafront with the arcades up in Scarborough (Scarbados) with us! There are also some of the limited edition Jez San signed CD rewards available along with the signed posters & albums left! Don't miss them because after next Sunday they're gone gone gone!


We've had a lot of requests for the Bonus Collected Works tracks to be made available on download too. The point initially of this CD was that it's signed and DL's greatest original gaming music all in one place as a collector sort of item. But given that it's including bootlegs and rarities and stuff run straight of the old source code including some unreleased material found on the Amiga then we thought we might as well let the downloaders have the option to get in on this too! So if you're a downloader - consider upping your pledge to the DOWNLOAD BUNDLE reward!
It's there if you want it!


Lavecon is a SciFI and Fantasty meet up with Elite Dangerous at its core! It's happening next weekend 11th and 12th July in Northampton, UK. We're sending my big sister Lucy along to it as she did such a good job at Replay Blackpool at the end of the previous Kickstarter campaign! Indeed a lot of our backers on here (Jason I'm looking at you) know just how oddly charming and scary she can be at the same time! She can be very persuasive!

Lucy is also planning on making a whole professional film about her discovery of our dad's game music and the whole retro-gaming world if our project gets funded! But more about that later this week! So let us know if you're going to be at Lavecon (Martin looking at you here!) as you can help Lucy to spread the word about A Temporal Shift as the Frontier orchestral Abbey Road recordings will be of a special interest to lots of Elite Dangerous fans in attendance! We're also considering taking an Amiga with a copy of Frontier for people to play and reminisce about, but we're missing a copy of Frontier so give us a shout if your'e going and if you're not going - you should consider going as it sounds like a great event and the guys at Lave Radio are super good people!

I will leave you here! Remember, this is the last chance for this project, so it's all or nothing and now or never! Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tweet it, post it and get yourself a t shirt! Don't forget the source code remix competition - there's been quite a few entrants already for it so don't miss out!

See you over the week and let us know if you'll be at Lavecon!!

The countdown begins here.....
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