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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
Of course you can. Think.

The only difference from now would be that you get a headphone jack which is amplified so you can actually hear anything, and with no 100% stereo separation to drive you crazy after 5 mins of music work. As I said, musicians would love it
I get what you want to do, you want to have a HEAPHONE plug and that's a different thing. You need a line amp plus a volume control knob, because otherwise it would always be set at TOO DAMN LOUD and damage your ears.

Yes, it'd be perfect to have at demoparties. But only if it's a headphone amp with volume control. If you have gone as far as adding an amp and volume control, you can have a knob that controls how much stereo separation you want.

Connecting your headphones to line output isn't a good idea.
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