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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
if it does more things than exist before that would be good. it's what it won't be able to do, out of the box, that an existing A1200 can do out of the box, that concerns me.
I am worried about the same thing, considering its competing alternatives:

An original A1200 motherboard that costs less than 100 euros and works out of the box and is more flexible to expand.

A MiST Amiga clone, which costs about 200 euro but just runs out of the box.The FPGAArcade board which has much of the same advantages as the MiST and maybe some more (but it is currently in limbo status/two more weeks!).

And then you have to factor in the overall cost for the user (aproximate values):

AmigaReloaded 200 euro
Amiga case 20 euro
Amiga keyboard 15 euro
PC laptop PSU 10 euro
ACA accelerator 150 euro
Floppy drive 15 euro
VGA output ? euro

Which comes to a total of at least 410 euro for a fully working AmigaReloaded with no special expansions (like usb & scandoubler).

A fully working complete A1200 can be bought for 200 euro or less, and works out of the box.
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