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Originally Posted by bernd roesch View Post
Do you then think the clicks i report are resampling artefects too ?. Maybe on my system, speed change is more often, so i hear it lot. For me you need not change to direct output. I can use winuae ahi. I only thought it is possible to fix something in toccata audio, because the latency is lots better with toccata. But because my system speed change alot, i did not notice. I have enable the display of time correction. I see numbers change alot. i must press f12 to read a number. i do this several times. there is all possible between +75 -49 after longer check.

maybe you have a idea wy this change so harsh. If this change smoother i guess the clicks can not hear. I use no vsync enable
Play something that uses Paula hardware, while it is still playing, start some other program that plays using Toccata. If Paula audio still sounds correct but only Toccata has problems: it probably is not related to audio mixing.

Status report: ES1370 from QEMU added, very few changes needed to add QEMU audio drivers.
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