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Its of course entirely possible that Jens made up his mind about the design a long time ago and what ppl say about it has zero impact.

As I said before, there are a lot of working a500 / a1200 mobos out there. Probably a lot more than the amount of active users.

So its not a marketing mystery that the product you try to sell should solve a problem that someone actually has.
So if releasing the wrong product means we miss our only shot at a new A1200 mobo then yea, its understandable ppl want that the design "gets it right".
Id imagine that a product thats high in demand should be good business for Jens.

So if the demand for this "reloaded" mobo is low, it might not be because the Amigans dont want new hardware, it might simply be s case of misunderstanding what exactly the customers value...
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