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Originally Posted by Staringlizard View Post
I would say that the PAL Amiga normally output 576i
Absolutely correct.
As every 15 KHz PAL product (DVD players, VCRs, DVB Decoders ecc.).

Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Only the flickering Amiga modes are in interlace, everything else is displayed in a progressive mode (288p for PAL machines). So to me this sounds like you're forcibly deinterlacing a progressive screen. Each field is unique.
No. Normal RGB Amiga signal (15 KHz) is always outputting in *interlaced* 50Hz mode.
It never outputs a 288p progressive signal. Never.
So the assumption that the output signal is always 576i is correct.
Amiga interlaced (highres) modes have a further "internal" interlacing, meaning that the refresh is half the normal (that's why these modes are so fatiguing for the eyes). But ALL Amiga modes are output as interlaced (apart from the new ECS productive modes, shown on 31KHz monitors).

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