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Originally Posted by AMike View Post
I've connected the SC55 with my Amiga4000 - but unfortunatly i got only soundeffects and no music. I've followed the instructions in the youtube video and selected in the SCUMMVM options "CAMD". Configuration: A4000 with MelodyPro. SC55 connected via serial Midi device and Midi In at the SC55. Audio goes from the SC55 Audio output to the line2 input from the Melody. Do I have to download some additional midi files? Is the MT32 also supported?

Have you installed the CAMD libraries?

You need to install CAMD and then run the CAMD Prefs program called 'MidiPorts'. Choose 'internal serial' as your selected port.

You don't have to download the MIDI files, the MIDI notes are generated from the ScummVM application in real-time.

Yes, there is a setting for MT-32 within the ScummVM options
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