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Winuae + RAW Files

How can i load raw dumped files (persian gulf inferno) instantly to Winuae for playing test ? (i have included newest CAPSImg.dll), but how run this raw files in winuae ?

I was dumped this game but i think there is something wrong because while dumping there are all tracks as unformatted. What options should i include in kryoflux in dtc to dump (ct raws) this game properly ?

I solved now.
I should choose "2" parameter in DTC (as CT RAW FILES) instead of "0" parameter (for preservation).
Now i have 2 version of dumps, one for preservation and one for playing in winuae(its working well).

Is there a man who can make an ipf file of this game for me(and others) or how can i back this CT RAW file to physical amiga disk ?

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