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Originally Posted by nogginthenog View Post
Have you seen this:

I compiled it and it does work (Debian Linux). But any C function call fails...

typedef unsigned int uint32_t;
typedef char int8_t;

uint32_t foo(uint32_t x, int8_t y)
    return (x | (1 << 17)) + y;
clang -emit-llvm test.c -c -O2 -o test.ll
./llvm-m68k/build/bin/llc -march=m68k test.ll

        SEG     'main'
; GLOBAL foo
foo     PROC                            ; @foo
; BB#0:
        move.l  #131072, d1
        or.l    (a6), d1
        move.b  4(a6), d0
        ext.w   d0
        ext.l   d0
        add.l   d1, d0

Is there any specific configuration setup you used to compile llvm here? I've built with m68k target, but I'm getting a crash even with this simple example. I'm not sure if its triple related, as I just left the default triple as it was.

I should get more time to look into this tonight I hope, so any pointers would be appreciated, otherwise I'll just poke things until it works...
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