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Originally Posted by Staringlizard View Post
I am not sure, but anything that outputs 576i and probably similar formats like 480i (not tested) will be converted. I have tested with Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200 in PAL. Multiscan and other formats will not work. In most games I think 576i is used but I am not sure.
Very few games use interlaced output - pretty much everything uses 50Hz 288p (or 60Hz 240p on an NTSC Amiga).

The horizontal update frequency is around 15Khz for these old computers. I do not think you can use the RBG input on your not so old TV due to lack of support. But I am not sure, if you try it out, please send a memo
Every TV will support 15kHz if it has analogue inputs since this is also the frequency used by analogue video signals. I've yet to see a new TV without at least one analogue input, but I suppose those days will arrive at some point so it's good to have a HDMI option available. Computer monitors are a different story since they don't often support 15kHz, but that's been the case for probably 20 years so it's nothing new.

Good work on the project!
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