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In short: for a new Amiga mobo to make sense, it should focus on solving problems ppl have with the current (old) mobos. As I stated before, I really do believe there are far more working A1200 mobos out there than still active 68k Amiga users. Also, I have an Apollo 060 card. If my current mobo fails, the reloaded wont be the solution anyway.

However, one obvious problem is the obsolete stuff on the mobos that no one is using anymore and lack of modern ports that improve on the obsolete things.
So yes, USB snd PS/2 ports would definitely make sense as would an ethernet device (cable or wireless) +keeping the IDE interface (buffered from the beginning) instead of a cf only "port".
Lack of the first 3 is an actual problem users have today as they try to transfer files between Amigas and modern platforms.

I do understand the design choices Jens has made, but Im getting the feeling a majority does not agree with them?

Jens Im not sure if this is how you roll, but maybe a poll.. top 3 things you'd change on the proposed Amiga reloaded mobo and listen to what ppl have to say?
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