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Oh, it uses THAT processor. I thought it sticked completely with a stock 6502, accelerated like hell. I remember playing both IIGS and II games... when you booted up if you pressed a key you entered Apple II basic, or if the disk in the drive was for the Apple II, it automatically booted on II mode... A very versatile cpu if you ask me, its not-economic version is used at the SuperCPU C64 accelerator, but it runs at 20Mhz

The Apple IIGS games were terrific, as I said, Out of This World was INCREDIBLE with the Ensoniq soundcard. It is the most atmospheric version I played. I ws terribly disapointed when I played the Amiga version and it had no ingame, cinematic music.

I wonder for how long software was produced after its death. We bought OOTW in early 1993. I dunno why this machine wasn't popular, the Apple II was mainly popular because it was used a LOT at schools.

My stupid cousin gave away this machine to some twat. I wanted it!
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