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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
To avoid artefacts due to the internal A/D converter i assume. Is the shown Turrican in 576i? Looks horrible in motion. Direct HDMI without extra A/D convertion would be awesome. But as Jope said. 720p/1080p in 50Hz should be selectable. There are gazillions of HDTV monitors/TVs which supports 50Hz via HDMI. Nice project btw.
I think Turrican is shown in 576i. Actually, personally I do not think it looks so horrible when not zoomed in as much as the video is doing (normally you do not play Turrican with your head that close to the screen ). When displayed using normal composite output the raster beam is blurring out everything a tad and the interlaced magic, of course, work best for the technology it was design for. I must also mention that there is room for improvement for the board, not only for the software but also for the hardware. Perhaps someone else will improve it in the future. That would be cool.
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