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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Good idea, but I must ask: Does it really change 50Hz -> 60Hz? Why? :-(

Also you write 576i but the Amiga normally outputs 288p.. Could you shed some light on the details please?
I would say that the PAL Amiga normally output 576i. All the games I have tried so far at least. The startup screen is not using the interlaced mode though. But I could be wrong ?

As far as the Hz is concerned, I think it does not matter. What comes out from the FPGA and resides inside the SRAM is the same, no matter what vertical Hz I choose to display it in. I choose 60Hz since I think it is supported by almost all screens.

If you think the interlacing will get worse in PAL mode by changing vertical Hz, It is an interesting thought, one that I will test today actually
Thankfully it is very easy to change.
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