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Originally Posted by spudje View Post
So my hopes for a (less expensive than CyberstormPPC) Ultimate PPC expansion for my A3000 seems to have ended up in vapor; no announcement at Amiga30... So no AmigaOS 4.1 for me.

That got me wondering, is there another OS I could run next to AmigaOS on Amiga 3000 in a relatively decent fashion, with a GUI (no shell-only based OS)? More out of curiosity/experiment than I really want to do a lot with it.

What would be the most recent distro's and versions of Linux, FreeBSD or other that would still run on my A3640? Including a GUI that is responsive enough and ideally supporting Cybervision 64?

Get rid of the fastATA, why aren't you using the fast,good 3000 scsi which has low cpu overhead?(make sure u have a wd33c93 rev 8 or the amd version 33c93a scsi chip).

If you want a CF for a hard drive ,get a acard 7720U scsi to ide bridge.

Add a zoram,contrary to what people say, having ram,even slow, is better than no ram, it works fine. of course a 060 accelerator with fast scsi and 128Mb would be better-or a warpengine 3040...

You can pop in a 33mhz or 40mhz 68040 chip into the A3640 and clock it 35-40mhz,its quite a difference. the PALS/GALS on it are good to 50mhz i believe.
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