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New external floppy drive case + interface ready for Gotek & HxC

Sakura Externa Floppy Drive case and interface (without the drive itself) is available now at RetroAmi:

The case + interface allows installation of Gotek, HxC rev F or a normal floppy drive.

The original Gotek firmware by H.M. is problematic, so users are encouraged to upgrade to Gotek HxC firmware. See this thread. We can only give guarantee of 100% compatibility with Gotek HxC firmware.

Note for HxC rev F users: If you own HxC rev F, please first check if the screw terminals at the bottom are well aligned (compare them to a normal floppy drive). Early HxC rev F had them too wide which makes it impossible to align with mounting points of the case.

Price: 56,99 EUR / 63.13 USD.

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