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Wink A "new" Amiga user (again)

Hi, I just joined after some years in the hideout. My past experience in the Commodore arena is Vic-20, C64, Amiga500 and Amiga4000. I sold my Amiga4000 in 1995 and used the UAE a long time ago. In the mean time I have been doing science and programming, but it is mostly work. I even have a game in the IOS app store and Google play store. Well, I recently bought a Vic-20 (!) and revived my old C64. Amazing what one can still do with those machines. After some time I have returned to Amiga, but only WINUAE for now. I am running WINUAE on a i7-5960X with AMD Radeon 280 GPU, and test results from AMIgod gave 2D graphics stats as 67553 which amazingly is a little better than pegasos (PPC G3/600MHz, Voodoo 4 AGP). Eventually I will probably buy another A500.
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