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Originally Posted by spudje View Post
My daughterboard is full:
- Cybervision 64
- Highway USB
- Ariadne II network
- FastATA 4000 ATA/IDE
NetBSD does not support Highway and FastATA 4000 .

When it comes to Zorro IDE controllers, only Buddha and Buddha Flash are supported. When it comes to USB, only Thylacine is supported, but it is really flakey under NetBSD (at least mine).

I only have 16 MB fastRAM / 2MB chipRAM. So I might have to free up a zorro slot (swap highway & ariadne with X-Surf 100 + Rapidroad, however they have issues with 3640) for additional zorroram?
X-Surf 100 is supported under NetBSD (xsh driver), but Rapidroad isn't.

Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
To have a free Zorro slot without loosing too much functionality, I would just remove the Ariadne, and use some USB ethernet dongle (they are pretty cheap).
Not so good idea, since as I mentioned above, Highway is not supported under NetBSD and using NetBSD without the "net" is kinda pointless.

Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
Z3 RAM is slow enough to kill performance though, so its doubtful if its really useful.
Actually, it's good enough under NetBSD when paired with A3640 (not much slower than memory on the main board). And it can be used as swap instead of RAM if necessary (z3rambd driver).
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