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Originally Posted by spudje View Post
My daughterboard is full:
- Cybervision 64
- Highway USB
- Ariadne II network
- FastATA 4000 ATA/IDE

I only have 16 MB fastRAM / 2MB chipRAM. So I might have to free up a zorro slot (swap highway & ariadne with X-Surf 100 + Rapidroad, however they have issues with 3640) for additional zorroram?
To have a free Zorro slot without loosing too much functionality, I would just remove the Ariadne, and use some USB ethernet dongle (they are pretty cheap). I would not choose the X-Surf 100 + Rapidroad approach for the issues you mentioned. What I would certainly try to acquire at some point is a Zoram or BigRam card so as to increase your system´s memory.
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