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Getting back on topic...
Sorry - got carried away...

With Speedball 2 coming out to little fanfare or impact - hopes of some other bitmap brothers games finding developers and making it across seem dashed. I, like others here, would have loved to see 'The Chaos Engine' ported.

Other ones I'd like to see -

Heavy session games -
...The Settlers
...Alien Breed 3D (always thought this was of a better design than Doom)

As for pick up and play games - can't see past some good pinball action! There are plenty out there (if you can find them!) on the GBA - so why not 'pinball illusions' and 'slamtilt' - they could use that mode 7 type effect to zoom out for multiball. Where are all those scandinavian amiga pinball coders - the GBA needs you!

Worms would be nice - have the original GB version, but without the voices something is lost...

Anyway - awaiting 'Rainbow Islands' with baited breath - and the arrival of my flash linker!
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