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Urgh... I can't understand anyone using stretched images. Everything should be in the original aspect ratio how it was designed. I just hate watching normal TV shows at the people who just think "bigger is better" and they have flat&fat people on screen then. Same applies to computers too, and Amiga's games aren't designed to widescreen, so it isn't any advantage for them.

With Amiga nothing beats a good CRT display. Scrolling will be smooth and colors deep. Unfortunately they are clumsy, but still with image quality you can't match them with modern displays.

I have 15" CRT TV, C1084, and M1438S for the original experience on some Amigas. One Amiga on 27" widescreen LCD with SCART, and one on 17" 1280x1024 monitor with Indivision AGA mk2.

That 17" is nice because it accepts 640x512 mode too (some displays seem only acccept 640x480)... so with Indi2 you get non overscanned image to fit full display with lores to 640x512 (pixel doubling) and also with hires laced to 1280x1024. I'd just wish that Indi2 would get 4x vertical pixels which would allow to get both lores and hires to monitor's native 1280x1024 resolution. That would be just cool, because then it wouldn't take that much time to switch between modes (you have annoying delay when games switch to lo/hires), and also hires sprites would work better etc.

Oh, and I have few video projectors too. It's pretty nice option for games too

But anyway.. with my setups I'd probably like them in this order: CRT > projector > Indi2/SCART.
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